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Episode 97: Teachers - 10 Promises to Make Yourself for Next School Year

April 27, 2016
10 Promises to Make Yourself for Next School Year


From year to year, it is a great practice to reflect on what we can do better. 
As a classroom teacher, there are some practices that will help you accelerate the kids with greater success. Some of these concepts are instructional and some are relational, but what they all have in common is that if you use them you will help more kids overcome the fog or issues associated with not understanding. 

You will be able to connect and help the kids move beyond the walls that stand in their way. I encourage you to look at these 10 promises and whether you make all of them part of your future plans or just one, commit. 

Follow through with adding one of these promises to your plans for what to do better next year. 

I guarantee you that you will be glad that you did.


Here are my 10 promises to make Yourself for Next Year:

a.       Get to know more kids by name sooner

b.      Make more positive contacts home

c.       Create a blog

d.      Learn to use interactive boards with the kids

e.      Emphasize vocabulary

f.        Plan backwards-Start with the end in mind-Use a Unit Plan

g.       Get better at giving instructional feedback

h.      Use formative assessment more frequently

i.         Use charts with formative assessments, especially whiteboards

j.        Create more engaging activities


Check out my Pinterest boards for additional support: www.pinterest.com/smiletto

Word Walls

Unit Plans


Using Charts

laura Robb - Vocabulary is Comprehension

Formative Assessment, part 1

Formative Assessment, part 2

Formative Assessment, part 3 


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