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Episode 98: Social Media - 3 Reasons to Make it a Priority for this Next School Year

May 5, 2016


Where have you been? Come on … are you really afraid of social media? Hmmm?

I understand why you might have some fears, but that’s because the news conglomerates have convinced you that only bad comes from that evil social media. Their tales of woe are just a minuscule aspect that can happen whereas so much more good comes from getting familiar with social media trappings.

The numbers show (listen to the podcast) that there is no doubt that billions of people are using social media which means that there is a great chance that all of your families, students, community members, and businesses are out there in the digital world.  


Seth Godin, in his book Tribes, explains that the world is in need of leaders and that when individuals, groups, and organizations assume these roles, the word is spread between interconnected tribes. So, why can’t schools step-up and become the leaders? 


That is exactly why you need to be there, but more specifically here are my...

3 Reasons Why you Need to Make Social Media a Priority for Next School Year

1.     Connect

2.     Tell

3.     Learn

Listen to the podcast and you will hear me explain my thoughts about these three words.

So get some paper and a pencil and take some notes as to why it is time for you and your system to embrace social media.


Thanks for listening!

Have an awesome day!

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Length: 22:55

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