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Episode 99: Graduation Time - 7 Do’s

May 16, 2016

It's graduation time at high schools in the United States!

What an incredible moment in the life of our kids and the educators who worked with them over their many years in school.

A few years ago I was asked to talk with elementary school kids about what I do as a principal. It was their career fair day.

Now I am comfortable talking with kids of all ages, but I had been a high school teacher and high school administrator. So I asked the only thing I could, "What should I talk about?" The response was, they want to know three things about you: 

1. How much do you make as a principal? 

2. What do you not like about your job? 

3. What do you like about your job?

I'm not sure that I had ever taken the time to really reflect on my job until I prepared for that talk.

The answers were easy...but let's focus on my response to question number 3...

I like Graduation!

Graduation_Dance1-351.jpg  graduation_dance2_351.jpg

This usually causes adults and kids alike to laugh or chuckle...
They think that what I mean is that I want to get rid of the kids...you know...Go away now...
But that could not be further from the truth...


I love graduation time!
It is when all of the memories come flooding through for all of the kids...
This is their step into adulthood...
Changes are coming and they know it...
They want to hold on as long as they can while letting go and celebrating the moment...


I would never want to miss this!
You shouldn't want to miss it either...
So here are my Seven Do's at Graduation Time

1. Do buy a yearbook and ask the kids to sign yours.

2. Do go to the senior breakfast/lunch/dinner/bar-b-que and play and interact.

3. Do go to other celebrations and interact -speak if asked - ask to speak -  have fun!

4. Do go to graduation! Stay to the end!

5. Do talk at graduation and make it about the kids

6. Do stay to the very end of graduation - close it down - be there with every family!

7. Do go to graduation parties where there is adult supervision, interact with the graduates, their families, and their friends.

So what are your plans for graduation?

You're going, right?


Length: 24:54

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