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Frances Valintine - Founder & CEO of the MindLab and the Tech Futures Lab - Impact of Emerging Technologies and Embracing Change - 478

May 12, 2022




Frances Valintine - Founder & CEO of the MindLab and the Tech Futures Lab - Impact of Emerging Technologies and Embracing Change. This is episode 478 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Frances Valintine

Founder and CEO of The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab

A well regarded and recognised technologist and educator, Frances has been focused on the future of work and the development of human capability for the duration of her career. She has a life mission to uncover the potential in anyone she meets -  if you have a conversation with Frances you’ll come away buzzing with inspiration, confidence and optimism for what lies ahead.

Every day, no matter whether it's a keynote speech to corporate, government, education or social impact audiences; designing new future focused learning programmes; advising the boards and not-for-profit organizations she’s involved with; or supporting staff around Aotearoa New Zealand, Frances is always thinking about how to create impact. Not for herself but to enable others to find it in themselves. Her door is always open and there’s nothing more that she loves than to have a good natter about life, kids, culture and whatever else comes up. 

In recent years, Frances has built up The Mind Lab (started in 2013) and Tech Futures Lab (2016) to provide learning pathways for educators and professionals to not just participate in but have sustainable impact for the technologically driven future. Everything she does is about supporting people, businesses and organizations to understand the impact of emerging technologies and the cultural adaptation required to embrace change and build that impact.

Frances sets the tone for the two organizations - one of lifelong learning, openness, awareness and inclusion. She has a passionate belief that a flexible mind that fosters an ability to learn, unlearn and relearn is crucial as new information, improved data and more advanced science and technology shapes our understanding of the world around us.

Aside from her business acumen, she is also a naturally talented creative. The HQ for The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab is a great example of what is going on in Frances’ mind in between the more serious conversations and tasks.

Frances earned a Master of Education Management at the University of Melbourne and completed the Executive Program at Singularity University.

Frances has been recognized as the New Zealand Companion of the Order of Merit for services in Education & Technology CNZM. She is a New Zealand Member of the High Tech Hall of Fame & 14th Recipient of the New Zealand Flying Kiwi Award, Recipient of the Peter Blake Leadership Award, Recipient of the CIO Award for Outstanding Contribution to Technology & Business, Winner of the Women of Influence Award for Innovation, and Winner of Woman of the Year for Education.

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