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Jerome Wade Shares His Book: Unleashed - 248

June 7, 2019

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Jerome "Romey" Wade, CSP, is the author of Unleashed: Dominate Your Limitations. Break Through Your Barriers. Live An Extraordinary Life (2016). Jerome also is an international speaker and an advisor to executive leaders. With 25 years of C-Suite experience, Jerome is a seasoned authority on executive performance and organizational culture.

Jerome is the global authority on Executive Fatigue™, marshaling his more than 25 years of experience to ensure business owners, executives, and leaders at every level get what they want without losing what they love.

Giving more than 2700 presentations, Jerome masterfully engages audiences with actionable insight that drives results. Leveraging the power of story from Jerome’s global adventures and experiences (Trekking to Everest Base Camp, Machu Picchu, Kayaking the Grand Canyon, Sailing the Caribbean, and more), audiences are inspired to live and lead at the top of their game.

Here are some of Jerome - Romey’s - accomplishments:

  • Global Adventurer (40 countries)
  • Ironman Triathlete (Spring 2017)
  • Trekked to Base Camp Everest (Spring 2018)
  • Sailed The British Virgin Islands (Several Times)
  • Kayaked the Grand Canyon (Summer 2011)
  • Summited Mt Machu Picchu (Summer 2012)
  • Mtn Biker (As often as possible)
  • Trail Runner (Frequently)
  • Scuba Diver
  • Global Authority on Executive Fatigue
  • Author (About to have the second book published)
  • Founded 5 Organizations/Businesses
  • Online Course Creator
  • Married 28.5 years
  • Father of two amazing adult children
  • Have given almost 3000 presentations
  • Trusted Executive Advisor

Remember to go to https://jeromewade.com/yes  to take the free fatigue assessment. 

Connect with Jerome "Romey":


www.jeromewade.com/yes (Complete the free fatigue assessment)






Call Romey at 1+(505)463-7234

Length - 59:31

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