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John Abrams: Magic, School of Astonishment, the Pandemic, and Making Video Engaging -347

February 1, 2021



John Abrams is a performer and entertainer. Today we are talking about Magic, his School of Astonishment, the impact of the Pandemic on his magic business, and he shares with us some ways to  make Video Engaging. Love this episode!!! Had so much fun! Wait till you hear John amaze me with an AWESOME bit of magic! This is episode 347 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Today, I am talking with John Abrams...according to John…

It's always been my goal to help principals, teachers and staff build healthy students at the Elementary School level.

My name is John Abrams.  I have (had) some of the Top School Assemblies in the country (The Bully Game and Random Acts of Character) performing around 400 shows a year.  – See www.AmazingSchoolAssemblies.com

On March 12, 2020 -  I started receiving emails cancelling shows.  It continued for the next few days.  All shows were cancelled.  Because of COVID, I lost around $100,000 this year alone.

In April, I started teaching social skills to kids through magic and doing socially distanced shows.  Not nearly as lucrative.

I was sad and depressed for a couple of months.  Could barely get out of bed.  In July, my Mom was nice enough to offer her house.  I moved.

On October 15th, I had an epiphany.  This is it: "Performing live, I can only affect students in the Southern California Area (or a little tour here or there).  But On-Line I can affect students all over the country!  All over the world (in English speaking countries)"

But none of my assemblies fit this new COVID world.  All were built on content (certainly transferable) and student participation (Not transferable).  I spent the last 25 years figuring out how students could be involved ON STAGE.  And now, none of that would work.

I re-branded and immediately started working on a brand-new STEM/STEAM program.  But not a stage version, a slick On-Line version.  Content first.  Entertainment next.  I enlisted some of the top minds around the country to help create it.

Now, with new assemblies on the horizon, and teaching kids social skills through magic, I'm ready to help schools around the world! – See www.SchoolofAstonishment.com

Teachers and Principals can pivot too.  Yes, COVID changed everything about how we teach.  But we're smart.  We can innovate and make sure our students flourish!

Talking with John was a blast!!! He was amazing!

I still can't believe the magic trick he did for me!!!! WOW!

Lots to learn.

Have fun!

Thanks for listening!

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