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Karen Gross and Combating the Summer Brain Drain - 254

August 2, 2019

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Karen Gross talks with me about combating the summer brain drain. She shares different inexpensive ways that families can encourage learning that is fun.

Karen is the author of the popular children's book series about Lady Lucy. She has taught and continues to teach across the educational pipeline. Karen is a former college president and senior advisor to the U.S. Department of Education. She currently serves as Senior Counsel to Widmeyer Communications, a Finn Partners Company.

She blogs/writes for many education outlets including WPo, InsideHigherEd, Chronicle, Aspen Journal of Ideas, DiverseEducation, and MEDIUM. Karen is the author of numerous children’s books, and her mission is to encourage imagination, creativity, and inspiration through humor and fun, all while learning.

Her children’s book titles include:

the Lady Lucy Book Series

- Lady Lucy’s Quest – launched by Shires Press in March 2016 with high school student illustrators

- La Saga de la Señorita Sofia (Lady Lucy’s Quest translated to Spanish) in April 2018

- Lady Lucy’s Dragon Quest – a sequel in the form of a chapter book released in 2017

- Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey – joke and activity book released in 2018

- Are You a Giraffe – prequel to the Lady Lucy Series – June 2019


- Flying Umbrellas & Red Boats – children’s poetry book – April 2019

Karen has traveled the country visiting schools, libraries, and after-school organizations where over 3000 children have heard the story of Lady Lucy. Prior to becoming a college president, she was also a tenured law professor for two-plus decades.

Karen is also the author of an adult book, Breakaway Learners, which was released by Columbia Teachers College Press. This book provides a pathway for improving the educational success of low income, first-generation, minority students.

And Karen has a forthcoming adult book titled Generation Trauma Goes to School. It is about the need for educators to become more than trauma-informed— they need to be trauma-sensitive and trauma-responsive.

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