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Lydia Dean Discusses Her Book: Jumping the Picket Fence - 261

September 19, 2019


Lydia Dean discusses her book Jumping the Picket Fence, global travel, philanthropy, and living one’s passion for episode 261 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast for educators.

At the age of 30, Lydia Dean finds herself at the top of her game professionally, yet on the verge of an emotional breakdown. She quits her job and persuades her husband John to bring their young family on an inspirational path around the world in search of more meaning. The family initially settles in a quiet village in the South of France where they discover the joys of leading a simpler life. Reconnecting with her early childhood dreams of humanitarian work, Lydia’s adventures then take her further from the comforts of home as the young family travels extensively to areas lacking access to education and opportunity.

Lydia is the Founder of GoPhilanthropic Travel- a socially-conscious travel company that connects people with the lesser-known humanitarians of the world and co-founded the non-profit GoPhilanthropic Foundation where she and a team advocate on behalf of people who are fighting for their basic rights.

She documented her extraordinary pilgrimage around the globe and the untraditional way she raised her family in her book - Jumping the Picket Fence.  Lydia's adventures will inspire you to pursue your dreams.

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Get a Copy of Jumping the Picket Fence:

Jumping the Picket Fence (Amazon)

Jumping the Picket Fence ( GoPhilanthropic website)



Length - 39:57

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