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Not My Job - 155

July 23, 2017


So what do we get paid to do as educators?

When you sign on to work in schools there may be things that you are expected to do that you didn't realize were part of the job.

Do we get paid to teach?

Do we get paid to be at work?

Do we get paid to prepare for school?

Do we get paid to run the school?


There are many aspects of our jobs that are expectations and really just come with the territory. Unfortunately, some of our colleagues don't think that they should have to do anything beyond just what they think is the general description of the job.


Today, I'm talking about the need for self-starters and those who show initiative. It is a requirement of our work with kids. We have to be proactive, trouble-shooters, and problem solvers. 

Something to think about.


Length: 21:49

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