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Steve Miletto Shares His 3 Thoughts About Taking Attendance - 213

September 21, 2018


Taking attendance may seem like a mundane topic, but it is a requirement that must be completed else you might discover that the kids will get caught up in issues as I mentioned in episode 212.

If you develop a good procedure for taking attendance the process will help you (the classroom teacher) learn the names of the kids faster which pays off in behavior management and developing relationships with the kids.

So, one procedure that helps ...is extremely old school, but it still works. It's called the seating chart. It can help you save time. Here are my three thoughts about taking attendance:

1. Use a seating chart

2. Use a sheet protector

3. Get it done

I didn't have my own classroom for a bunch of years and had to travel from classroom to classroom. I had a cart and put all of my stuff in it. A veteran teacher taught me how to use this procedure to save time. He was so right and you will see that it will work for you, too.

Thanks for listening today.

Go here for some extra pictures:

Taking Attendance Using a Seating Chart

Episode 212 - Classroom Attendance: It's Important to Pay Attention and Follow-up


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