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Episode 83: 4 Ways to Recharge Your Batteries During the Holidays

Episode 83: 4 Ways to Recharge Your Batteries During the Holidays

December 22, 2015


Hope that you have wonderful plans for the holidays.

This will be my last show for 2015. I can’t believe that 2016 is just around the corner and with it a whole new year for guests and topics for discussion.

In the mean time ,I would like to reflect on the idea of using the holidays to recharge your batteries, whether you are an educator or not, the holidays are a great time to put some new umph in your focus or spark in your step.

There are many ways to do this, but today I am focused on what I call:

4 Ways to Recharge Your Batteries Over the Holidays



1.      Spend time with your family

a.      I think that the best way to spend the holidays is with your families. Our jobs take us away from each other too much, therefore, now you should take extra time to do those things that reconnect everyone.

b.      There are some many different ways but one of the most important ways is making time to just talk to one another.


2.      Do something just for you

a.      Do you have that book that you have been saving or that project that you want to start or finish? How about that special fishing hole? Whatever it is now is also the time for doing something just for you. Think about it, you know that you have been putting something off that you would like to do, so do it now.


3.      Do something for someone else

a.      I’ll bet you know someone from church or your neighborhood who can’t get out to see the lights or go shopping or just would like to have a visitor now and then. These is a great time for stepping out of your comfort zone and spend some time with someone who would really like the attention or the chance to interact with others. Try it. You will make them feel wonderful!


4.      Get some sleep

a.      Throughout the year, we stay up late, or fail to get the sleep we need and if you are like me you promise yourself that you will get that needed sleep soon. Well get some sleep now. Take advantage of the opportunity to go to bed at a decent time or get up at a reasonable hour. Why not schedule a nap or two.


The holidays are a great time for recharging your batteries. I have listed four ways.

Do you have more?

What ways will you recharge your batteries?

Best wishes! See you in 2016!

Length: 14:22

Episode 82: Organize Your World with Lisa Woodruff

Episode 82: Organize Your World with Lisa Woodruff

December 15, 2015

Lisa is the founder of Organize365.com

She is focused on helping you get control of your messes at home and at work.

Speaking of which, she has created a special printable for you as listeners to Teaching Learning Leading K12 go to Organize365.com/teachers

Lisa is a former public school teacher who worked with kids who were pre-school ages through 2nd grade as well as she worked for 4 years as a part-time computer teacher for grades 1st through 8th. Additionally, she has worked in a Montessori middle school, grades 6-8 where she taught math and science.


She is the mother of two children and understands what it is like to have family needs and other demands that create opportunities for papers to pile up.

Lisa says that she is a B.O. P or a Born Organized Person. (Wish I was…this is something that I truly have had to work at over the years.)

I asked her if she could help those of us who are B.T.M.P.P or Born to Make Piles Person.

Not only was the answer yes, but she has created systems in which all of the BTMPP’s out there can rejoice!!! Yea!!! There is hope!


By the way, I now have a lot of pressure on me to put Lisa’s advice into action. Look out piles-here I come!


Lisa explained her Sunday Basket strategy as well as her 40 Weeks Whole House Challenge

Learn more about how Lisa can help you at Organize365.com

Email her at Lisa@organize365.com


Connect with Lisa through

Facebook and her Facebook group



Don't forget to go to Organize365.com/teachers for your free printable!
Length: 38:40
Episode 81: 5 Ways to Get to Kiss (Not what you are thinking about!)

Episode 81: 5 Ways to Get to Kiss (Not what you are thinking about!)

December 8, 2015


Sorry to disappoint you but this is not a steamy romance advice column.

Instead, I’m talking about the idea of simplifying things. You know… K.I.S.S.

No not the 70s rock band who are almost in their 70s by the way, but Keep It Simple for Stupid.

Oops. Sorry. I used the “S” word.  

So let me instead say it this way, Keep It Simple for Steve.


I don’t know about you, but my eyes have a great chance of glazing over whenever someone gives me something to read that uses too many words with no pictures.

I stumble through documents that need a translator.


Giving me an instruction manual that is close to 100 pages, is just asking me to never read it and be inventive. I mean, do I really have time for this? “Real men don't need instructions!”

If I am asked (or required) to listen to a 45-minute program crammed into three and half hours (think about it J ) I am most likely  to nod off or only remember the number of ceiling tiles in the room.


Finally, if you want me to totally not understand what you want me to remember include graphs and charts that I just do not get. Bubble graphs and very extensive flow charts are some of my all-time favorites (Not!)

Before talking, presenting, purchasing, and publishing so forth and so on. I truly believe that if you want practitioners to listen to you, it is imperative that you take the time to revise, critique and edit…so that in the end you Keep It Simple for Steve!

Five Ways to Get to K.I.S.S.

Ask yourself these questions when revising, critiquing, and editing:

1.     Do I have too many words?

2.     Are there any pictures? ( images)

3.     Are my graphs/charts/pictures confusing?

4.     Does the reader need a translator or an interpreter to understand what I am talking about?

5.     Will the reader feel that there is not enough time for it?


If you ask yourself these questions before publishing/presenting, you are on your way to Keeping It Simple for Steve.

Here are some links for getting free royalty free images that will help.





Length: 18:03

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