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Episode 100: Kasey Bell and Google Classroom

Episode 100: Kasey Bell and Google Classroom

May 24, 2016


Kasey is an award-winning digital learning consultant, speaker, blogger and author of e-books: The Teacher's Guide to Google Classroom and The Student's Quick Guide to Google Classroom as well as Google Cheat Sheets. 


Kasey is a Google certified innovator and a Google certified Trainer.

She has numerous recognitions such as a Digital Innovation in Learning Award given by EdSurge and Digital Promise, in the Sharing is Caring category. She also was recognized as a Top Ten EdTech and E-Learning Influencer for her work sharing educational resources.

She has a series of recent blog articles where she offers advice on becoming a Google Certified Trainer. Check out This is What it Takes to Become a Google Certified Trainer  and Google Certified Trainer Rookie Mistakes and How to Avoid them.

Make sure that you sign up to follow her website. 

She creates posts that are insightful, easy to read, and full of ready to use information.
If you are interested in learning more about Google Classroom and Google tools, you have come to the right place. Kasey's e-books are great places to go for support.


Just for signing up you get Kasey's ebook, Google Cheat Sheets.
Kasey and I talk a little about what drove her toward technology. You'll hear her recall being a SpaceCamp kid and the impact of her family on her love of technology.

Kasey notes, "Google makes my life easier and I am all for anything that makes a teacher's life easier."

If you are thinking about "Going Google" but are a little worried about making that leap of faith, Kasey can help.

I encourage you to subscribe and use her products to help you get more comfortable in the Google World.


Ok, now you need to make the switch and learn more about Google Tools. 
Why not? You have the support.

Email Kasey: Kasey@ShakeUpLearning.com

Episode 99: Graduation Time - 7 Do’s

Episode 99: Graduation Time - 7 Do’s

May 16, 2016

It's graduation time at high schools in the United States!

What an incredible moment in the life of our kids and the educators who worked with them over their many years in school.

A few years ago I was asked to talk with elementary school kids about what I do as a principal. It was their career fair day.

Now I am comfortable talking with kids of all ages, but I had been a high school teacher and high school administrator. So I asked the only thing I could, "What should I talk about?" The response was, they want to know three things about you: 

1. How much do you make as a principal? 

2. What do you not like about your job? 

3. What do you like about your job?

I'm not sure that I had ever taken the time to really reflect on my job until I prepared for that talk.

The answers were easy...but let's focus on my response to question number 3...

I like Graduation!

Graduation_Dance1-351.jpg  graduation_dance2_351.jpg

This usually causes adults and kids alike to laugh or chuckle...
They think that what I mean is that I want to get rid of the kids...you know...Go away now...
But that could not be further from the truth...


I love graduation time!
It is when all of the memories come flooding through for all of the kids...
This is their step into adulthood...
Changes are coming and they know it...
They want to hold on as long as they can while letting go and celebrating the moment...


I would never want to miss this!
You shouldn't want to miss it either...
So here are my Seven Do's at Graduation Time

1. Do buy a yearbook and ask the kids to sign yours.

2. Do go to the senior breakfast/lunch/dinner/bar-b-que and play and interact.

3. Do go to other celebrations and interact -speak if asked - ask to speak -  have fun!

4. Do go to graduation! Stay to the end!

5. Do talk at graduation and make it about the kids

6. Do stay to the very end of graduation - close it down - be there with every family!

7. Do go to graduation parties where there is adult supervision, interact with the graduates, their families, and their friends.

So what are your plans for graduation?

You're going, right?


Length: 24:54

Episode 98: Social Media - 3 Reasons to Make it a Priority for this Next School Year

Episode 98: Social Media - 3 Reasons to Make it a Priority for this Next School Year

May 5, 2016


Where have you been? Come on … are you really afraid of social media? Hmmm?

I understand why you might have some fears, but that’s because the news conglomerates have convinced you that only bad comes from that evil social media. Their tales of woe are just a minuscule aspect that can happen whereas so much more good comes from getting familiar with social media trappings.

The numbers show (listen to the podcast) that there is no doubt that billions of people are using social media which means that there is a great chance that all of your families, students, community members, and businesses are out there in the digital world.  


Seth Godin, in his book Tribes, explains that the world is in need of leaders and that when individuals, groups, and organizations assume these roles, the word is spread between interconnected tribes. So, why can’t schools step-up and become the leaders? 


That is exactly why you need to be there, but more specifically here are my...

3 Reasons Why you Need to Make Social Media a Priority for Next School Year

1.     Connect

2.     Tell

3.     Learn

Listen to the podcast and you will hear me explain my thoughts about these three words.

So get some paper and a pencil and take some notes as to why it is time for you and your system to embrace social media.


Thanks for listening!

Have an awesome day!

Check- out these resources:

The Social Media Examiner (Awesome blog, website and audio podcast)

So You have a Twitter Account-Now What? By Jennifer Gonzalez

50 Educators You Should Follow on Pinterest by Kasey Bell

What’s Working Now Facebook Post Ideas by Kim Garst

Length: 22:55

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