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Episode 12: Darby Jones & Arts Now: Improving Education Through the Arts

Episode 12: Darby Jones & Arts Now: Improving Education Through the Arts

February 26, 2014

Darby Jones is the CEO of Arts Now.

Darby comes from the classroom; He taught in an Atlanta middle school for 10 years and he was the fine arts department chair. During his teaching days he started working with The High Museum of Art in Atlanta which lead to him working with the Atlanta College of Art and then the Savannah College of Art and Design as an adjunct professor in visual arts instruction.

ArtsNow is about integrating the arts into schools.  Darby calls it, “A true collaborative.”

The program has local, state, and national support. It's not seeking to replace arts in schools but instead is focused on the integration of the arts in all content areas.

Darby comments that too often “kids learn in silos” and this program breaks those down. It develops connections. It is about increasing engagement. It helps make learning meaningful.

I had the pleasure of seeing the program in action with the teachers and kids in an elementary school in Dublin City Schools, GA. The kids were truly excited to be participating together and using the instructional strategies. They were discovering and excited to be involved in the activities throughout all content areas.

Find Darby and Arts Now on the web at www.artsnowlearning.org or on facebook at Arts Now Learning where you can find contact links for Darby.

Length 29:34 minutes

Episode 11: Dr. Lodge McCammon/Differentiation and Engagement, part 2

Episode 11: Dr. Lodge McCammon/Differentiation and Engagement, part 2

February 19, 2014

This is part 2 of my discussion with Dr. McCammon.  

If you haven't listened to Episode 10 (part 1), yet...I encourage you to start there first.

As we continue our conversation, Lodge states that the purpose of Flipping the Classroom is to make the teacher more efficient. The teacher creates short film clips to introduce or continue the lecture and thus, makes more class time for hands-on activities.

Listen to his awesome thoughts about there being an intersection between challenge and engagement... he shares his ideas on engaging the students who don't want to be in school at the same time as the teacher has to recognize their level for challenge...

We couldn't have completed our talk without spending some time with his ideas about music and the classroom...
Lodge is an amazing musician and I think that you will totally enjoy hearing him express his ideas about..

 "My passion is to bring the power of music right into the classroom, allowing (the kids) to be artists, again."

We had a great time recording this conversation...I know that you will enjoy listening! 

Have fun and check out Dr. McCammon on social media at the following links:

On YouTube search for Flipped Teacher Training as well as Lodge McCammon or follow the links below.

Also, visit his website:

Length of Episode 11: 

Episode 10! Dr. Lodge McCammon/Differentiation and Engagement part 1

Episode 10! Dr. Lodge McCammon/Differentiation and Engagement part 1

February 11, 2014

This is our 10th episode!!! Yay!!!

Dr. Lodge McCammon was fun to talk with, so much fun that the conversation lasted close to an hour. We decided to break the interview into two parts. This is part one. 

Dr. McCammon is a former public high school teacher in North Raleigh, NC where he taught AP Econ and civics. He earned his PhD from NC State University in Curriculum Development. Many people might have come in contact with him through YouTube and his videos on Flipping the Classroom or through his very cool original songs about each of the states that he is currently producing and you can also see on YouTube. What an amazingly, talented educator!

The interview was conducted after he worked with teachers on creating activities to differentiate instruction and to engage the kids! He had the teachers involved and having fun while learning how to use his instructional practices. I think all were pleased, engaged, and ready to go try his ideas in their classes! 

It was a pleasure participating in his class and talking with him! 


Episode 9: Dr. Larry Cuban/ Implementation is the Weakest Link

Episode 9: Dr. Larry Cuban/ Implementation is the Weakest Link

February 3, 2014

Dr. Larry Cuban has been in education for over 5 decades! He earned his PhD at Stanford and is an Emeritus Professor in Stanford’s Graduate School of Education.

 He is the author of many books a few of which are: As Good as it Gets: What School Reform Brought to Austin (2010), Hugging the Middle: How Teachers Teach in an Era of Testing and Accountability (2008), The Blackboard and the Bottom Line: Why Schools Can’t be Businesses (2007), Tinkering Toward Utopia: A Century of Public School Reform (with David Tyack, 1997), Teachers and Machine: The Classroom Use of Technology Since 1920 (1986).

This interview took place on the campus of the University of Georgia this past fall. Dr. Cuban had just completed a key note presentation with an audience of Georgia educators and Graduate students from the University of Georgia.

Listen to him explain that what is the weakest link in school reform is the implementation.

He uses the metaphor of the hurricane to compare the political talk about school reform being like the swirling, turbulent winds at the surface during the hurricane and the calm at the bottom of the ocean being the implementation in the actual classroom.

He is very personable and I enjoyed our talk!

Take time to follow up with him on his blog. Check out his books, they are excellent!



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