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Episode 80: The Tickle File with Bob Cresswell

Episode 80: The Tickle File with Bob Cresswell

November 29, 2015


This is another leadership tip with Bob Cresswell.

Just as a reminder Bob was an amazing, successful high school principal for 18 years who was focused on creating a learning environment that was student focused. He is now an educational consultant who works with school systems on school improvement.

Today, Bob is talking about how someone remembers what she needs to get done.

Bob notes, “Holding timelines is important.”

As a result, we need ways of reminding us of when things are due. Bob suggests the need for using a tickle file-a tool that helps someone stay focused on deadlines.

Check out our conversation as Bob shares what a tickle file is and how it works.

This is great advice and if you put it to work, you will find yourself meeting those deadlines instead of begging for an extension.




Episode 79: Apps for Classroom Innovation with Dr. Donald White

Episode 79: Apps for Classroom Innovation with Dr. Donald White

November 22, 2015


“Getting them (the students) outside of the four walls of the classroom is what I am passionate about.”

Dr. Donald White is the Science Content Specialist and STEM program manager for Coweta County School System in Georgia. He has been in this position for 8 years and prior to this position he was a classroom teacher who taught AP   Chemistry, general chemistry, physics and astronomy for 10 years. Additionally-

·         He serves as the board chairperson for the Coweta STEM Institute a non-profit organization that seeks to inspire students and teachers in all things STEM.

·         He serves on the Georgia Science Teachers Association Board

·         Past President of the Georgia Science Supervisors Association

·         He is married to Dr. Amanda White a teacher-librarian at an elementary school

·         And he has a daughter, Emily who is 10


“The ideal classroom is the real world.”

Donald and I talk about where his love for technology came from and then let that part of our conversation lead us to talking about specific apps that teachers can use to create an engaging, innovative learning environment.

Check out the Apps that Donald talks about:

Apps for Innovation



Get Inspired



App gives you “spark cards” to help kickstart your creativity



Connects with Evernote to allow you to track your ideas.  Can give you a creative nudge when you’re stuck


Unleash Creativity

Helps you create, refine, and finish.  Resource app.


Project Management



Group work made easier



Track group members progress



Share Ideas and Collaborate



Write, collect, present on every device, anywhere



Annotate, sketch, share ideas visually


Google Keep

Note taking app, add lists, photos, and audio

Google Keep Tutorial


Google Drawings

Draw pictures, flow charts, etc. to help convey your ideas


Google Docs

Allows you to collaborate with anyone anywhere from almost any device

Also Sheets, Slides, and Forms



Easy way to collaborate.  Backpack version available for schools


Capzles- Create digital content timelines

Capzles tutorial video


Weebly- Create free websites

Weebly for Education tutorial video


WeVideo  (Chrome App available) - online video editor, allows for collaboration on video creation

WeVideo tutorial



“My love for technology came from the ability of that technology (gaming) to engage us.”

Donald was fun to talk with and he has some incredible information for you. Have fun checking out his list of Apps! Enjoy putting them to use in your classrooms.

Want to contact Donald?


Donald White on Google+


Length: 43:10

Episode 78: Connecting with Kids

Episode 78: Connecting with Kids

November 16, 2015

Connecting with the kids in your classroom or building better relationships with them takes work.


It doesn't just happen.


After all, we should know that the kids buy into you way before they buy into your subject. 
Since this is the case, it means that connecting doesn't come easy.


Today, I am discussing three ways that you can start connecting with the kids in your classes.

1. Use names.
2. Go beyond the expected.
3. Get involved with school activities.

These three ways of connecting with the kids in your classrooms will help you. By connecting with the kids, they will want to do the work for you. You will be able to inspire them to want to do better and to do more and to get excited about learning, but without the connections classroom progress will be extremely difficult.


Enjoy connecting with the kids!


Episode 77: Connecting with Parents

Episode 77: Connecting with Parents

November 9, 2015


Ok, repeat after me-Parents are my Friend.

Today, I am focused on suggestions for connecting with parents of the kids you teach.


I call these suggestions:

Three Key Elements for Connecting With Parents

1.      Reach Out

a.      How about note cards?

                                                              i.      Say something nice at the beginning and find something throughout the year.

                                                            ii.      You can get post cards with postage from the Post Office or make your own.

b.      Use the Web

                                                              i.      Create a blog or website…post your notes, slides, you can even include audio

2.      Be personal and human

a.      Don’t hide behind electronic stuff

                                                              i.      Make a call

b.      Set up a meeting

                                                              i.      Face to face meetings will connect you to them

                                                            ii.      You are a human in person

c.       Stay away from email…too easy to say the wrong thing or send a negative tone.

3.      Don’t avoid contact

.      The sooner the better.

b.      Gets worse if you put it off.

c.       Most parents want to connect with you.


Take the time to connect with parents. It is well worth the effort.

Remember parents are your friend. 


Length: 14:20

Episode 76: Going Google with Instructional Tech Coach - John Vaughn

Episode 76: Going Google with Instructional Tech Coach - John Vaughn

November 2, 2015


Recently, I attended an Ed Tech conference with the purpose of taking in everything that was offered on what I call Going Google. In other words, learning from those ed tech gurus who were experiencing the shift from the Microsoft Office Suite to Google Docs. I had the chance to meet many great presenters one of which was John Vaughn, an Instructional Technology Coach with the Coweta County School System in Newnan, Georgia.
Coweta has made the switch to all things Google which means that John helps the staff learn how to use the many aspects of Google Docs. As John says, "From email to the Cloud and all things between." 

We had a great conversation as we talked about the challenges of switching and how he reaches out to support the needs of the staff in his school system. 

We also discussed the many reasons why it makes sense for a school or school system to go Google. 

John noted that one aspect of Google Docs that makes it a wonderful alternative is that it has "an easy learning curve."

Something that is truly amazing about Google Docs is that it allows for real-time collaboration on documents, forms, slides, etc.

John has many valuable suggestions and is extremely helpful with understanding how Google Docs work.

I hope that you enjoy our discussion and I challenge you to take the dive and Go Google!
Connect with John at:


and on Twitter-

Have fun!
Length: 52:52

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